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Our Mission;

Having a constantly improving, constantly learning and constantly evolving organization by accomplishing goals of Strategic Plan and Quality,
Raising social, cultural and economic standard of living in Trabzon,
Contributing to investment and employment friendly environment,
Being environment conscious and supporting environmental improvements,
Projecting an image of being a pioneer and role model institution by improving institutional prestige,
Meeting the expectations and benefits of members in accordance with regulations in the best possible way and improving national and international competitiveness of the members.

Our Vision;

Performing works or studies to make Trabzon a center of developing small and medium industry,
Performing works or studies on growth in trade volume of local business,
Defining the business development barriers and make the best of a the situation being aware of the current and structural problems of private sector,
Collaborating with professional, scientific, social and cultural institutions from public and private sector to ensure the development of Trabzon and the region,
Maintaining high customer satisfaction levels by providing members with quality service,
Creating a tourist center by organizing trade shows, conferences and meetings,
Encouraging the city to be a health center and work in this direction,
Encouraging the city to be a training center and work in this direction,
Working to contribute to the development of agriculture and livestock, which makes a great contribution economy of the city,
Contributing to works or studies on activation of the sports facilities in the city,
Performing works or studies in order to increase the number of exporting business,
Contributing to the country to become a regional power, which is capable of directing globally political and economic conditions for its own benefit,
Developing business connections and providing the development of foreign trade for members.